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Sometimes you really need that last minute touch-up. With this emergency arsenal of makeup tools, you will surely be able to take your look from blah to glam in minutes, no matter where you are.

All the makeup tools you need to succeed

Let's face it, you don't always have time to get your makeup done in the morning. Or, sometimes you think you won't be seeing anyone of importance, so why bother?

But of course, just as you're feeling confident that you saved time and energy by skipping your makeup routine, you are called into an important meeting or your colleague invites you out for drinks after work. And suddenly you have to either miss out on the opportunity or tough it out and simply deal with the fact you might not look your best.

That's where this little tool kit comes in handy. It's just a few products, so it won't weigh down your already overloaded purse. They can easily be tossed into any small makeup bag (or even a Ziploc until you find a carrier you like!); plus, they're basic and simple, giving you a nice refreshed look. Your friends won't jump back in shock at the transformation you have undergone since stepping into the washroom!

Undereye concealerConcealer

Arguably, the most important tool of all. It will cover up any surprise blemishes that may have arisen during the day and take away those dark under-eye circles that give away the fact you have been working too hard. Opt for something small that you can whip out and dab on easily, like M.A.C.'s Select Cover Up or Cover Girl's Invisible Concealer.

Compact blush

You will want to pick something small in the blusher department, so it doesn't take up too much space. And bonus points if it has a mirror because then you won't have to travel with one of those as well. Pick something relatively neutral without too much sparkle so that you look rosy but not overdone. Faces™ Powder Blush comes in many different colours and is easy to travel with.

Neutral eye liner

This is no time for a statement piece such as a liquid emerald liner or blue pencil. Pick something that will accent your eyes with a quick dash along the rims. A dark brown or black with a sponge on the back for blending is perfect. Something along the lines of Cover Girl's Perfect Point Plus is ideal.

Applying mascaraNatural mascara

You don't want your emergency mascara to be something that stands out too drastically and makes it look like you have done a lot of work. It should accentuate your lashes without making them look too dark or bulky. L'Oreal's Voluminous® Million Lashes™ comes in several shades so there is sure to be one that matches just right. Plus, it adds length and volume without looking too heavy.

Neutral eye shadow/special lipstick

This last one is optional but if you have room in your kit this is the perfect addition. It's great to have all the bare basics to get you ready for anything, but it's also nice to have that little something extra that makes you feel like a million bucks. Whether it's a shimmery gold eyeshadow or the perfect pink lip gloss — it's nice to always have something with you that gives you that extra oomph.

Now, most blushes and eyeshadows come with brushes for easy application, but if yours don't you can always invest in something along the lines of Quo's Travel Brush Set, so you can get everything looking just right.

That's all you need to never feel underdone again!

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Comments on "The emergency makeup kit you can't leave home without"

Laura August 19, 2012 | 11:03 PM

With seven daughters and four of them adltus now, we have been through this alot. These are my "rules". The things that work for us and I have been very happy with the results. My girls can have play make-up when they are little, much like your girls. We emphasis how beautiful they are without it all the time!! When they are 12 (usually in the Christmas stocking) they get a brown mascara and a natural blush (this is the kind that is not tinted until it goes on the cheek, then it is very light)and also lip gloss that has a very light tint. Miracle turned 14 this year and she got a pallet of browns and purples (light) eye shadows as well as a moisturizer that is lightly tinted. The moisturizer is costly (about 11.00), but very light and healthy for their skin, and it lasts a long time. In addition, she received some more colorful lip glosses that are almost but not quite a lip stick. I talked with her when she got them about how her makeup needs to be light enough that I don't notice it. It should add to her natural beauty and not stand out on its own. We put it on in different amounts and I showed her the difference. She loves it and takes care to always wear it light (when she wears it at all). Of all my girls, only one of them had problems with wearing way too much makeup and she used to have to wash her face and go without until she learned. It was a hard lesson, but she has her own natural beauty and is totally comfortable in her own skin these days and can't believe that she ever used that much makeup. I think the biggest thing to do is to talk about it. The girls love to help each other and they have learned to be casual with thier makeup when they are going out. I am happy with it, and so are they.

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