66-Year-Old Exits Hotel And Is Taken For 25

Many things in the world are a mystery.... Why is the sky blue? Why do keys always get lost? How is a 66-year-old woman confused with a 25-year-old?

Debbie Harry

Ouch. This may hurt more than a bikini wax, but Debbie Harry, 66, was mistaken for 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan by paparazzi!

The horror! The tears!

So, here's the story: The photogs were nested outside the Mercer Hotel in New York, patiently waiting for Lohan to emerge after her Saturday Night Live gig. Suddenly, a woman exited the hotel — blonde, pale, hooded, large sunglasses, must be Lindsay — and the paps started clicking away, realizing only after several frames that it was actually Debbie Harry.

Now, Debbie looks uh-mazing for 66 years old, so it's all flattery for her. But Lindsay is probably getting a chemical peel and a facial, right now.

Despite the facial similarities between the two, one must wonder.… How did the photographers — whose sole job is recognizing, observing and documenting celebrities — not realize that they were photographing a woman 40 years older than Lindsay?!

Two words: You're fired!

Heh, well, enjoy your daily dose of hilarity, and Godspeed!

Photo courtesy of: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

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