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Beyonce is calling the rumours that suggest she used a surrogate to carry and birth her baby nothing short of "crazy." What other crazy rumours have celebrities faced?

Richard Gere

Here at SheKnows, we are pro-imagination; we think that creative thought is the basis for everything that makes the world go round, and we encourage everyone to exercise their imaginations as often as they did when they were in kindergarten. But make no mistake: There is a significant difference between an imaginative person who comes up with useful, creative ideas that benefit others and a person who uses his or her imagination to concoct wild stories about celebrities for no apparent reason. While we applaud the latter example for a valiant show of creativity in their creation of unfounded rumours, we must also recognize that often these people — and those who believe them — cross the line from imaginative to downright crazy.

Just ask Beyonce, who has recently been fielding the strange rumour that she faked her pregnancy to keep her famous figure and that Blue Ivy — her and Jay-Z's daughter — was carried by a surrogate. In an interview with People magazine, Beyonce explains that she was not hurt by the rumours; she just thinks they're "crazy." All of it is thanks to one fateful TV interview Beyonce did while pregnant, in which her baby bump appeared to collapse and fold inward, sparking rumours that Beyonce was wearing a prosthetic belly. Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mom, finds this reasoning preposterous and came to her daughter's defence: "It was a fabric that folded — does fabric not fold? Oh my gosh, so stupid."

You tell 'em, Mama Knowles!

Of all the rumours we've heard about Beyonce, we'd have to say that this definitely takes the cake for the wildest one. When you're a star as big as Beyonce, though, crazy rumours are bound to circulate, and the bigger a star you are, the weirder the gossip is. With this outrageous a rumour, at least Beyonce doesn't have to worry that she's becoming irrelevant! The same can be said about these stars, who have also been the subjects of some very imagintaive tales:

Kim Kardashian's fake butt

For a while there, no one seemed willing to believe that Kim Kardashian's perfect posterior was the one her mama gave her -- people were perfectly content buying in to the rumour that she had paid for it. Fed up by the nonsense, the generally unexcitable Kim decided to prove once and for all that her butt is 100 per cent flesh and blood. On an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim and her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, visited the doctor with an unusual request: Would he please take an X-ray of Kim's prosthetic-free butt and compare it with an X-ray of Kourtney's prosthetic breasts so that the world could see Kim was not lying and just shut up already? And since no one says no to the Kardashians, the doctor happily obliged. To the dismay of flat-butted skeptics everywhere, the results came back in Kim's favour, her X-rays showing a clear lack of the prosthetic matter pictured in Kourtney's. If there's one thing that stops rumours dead in the water, it's contradictory medical evidence.

Lady Gaga's hermaphroditism

Just about when she officially became a full-blown superstar, a little rumour about Lady Gaga exploded on the internet regarding her genitals — specifically, the speculation that she was a hermaphrodite. The rumour started when a photo was taken of Gaga during a concert in the U.K. in which under her very short dress there appeared to be a teensy bit of a penis poking out. The photo was grainy and totally unreliable — the perfect source to inspire a shocking rumour. After that, the internet was kind of a mess, with some sources saying that Gaga had confirmed her hermaphroditism, while others issued statements of Gaga's denial of the rumour. Things were pretty much cleared up in an interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20: When Barbara asked her if she was "both a man and a woman," Gaga said a simple "no." No word, though, on whether she hails from space.

Richard Gere and that gerbil

If we had to deal with constantly being accused of putting a gerbil up the back door for sexual pleasure, we'd probably go Buddhist too. The story goes like this: Years ago, Richard Gere was rushed to hospital because of something lodged in his rectum. X-rays revealed it was a gerbil. A lengthy gerbilectomy was performed by some apparently loose-lipped surgeons; they were sworn to secrecy but just couldn't resist the temptation to share such a shocking tale. Richard soon found himself as the subject of one of the nastiest rumours in Hollywood, which still circulates to this day. There is no hard evidence that proves Richard "abused" a gerbil in this way, yet many people still believe this unrelenting rumour. Maybe that's because after all these years, Richard has neither confirmed nor denied the story; he prefers to take the high road and simply not address it at all, if he can help it. One thing we will say about whoever came up with this reputation-shattering rumour is that he or she is one of the most imaginative people ever.

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