Treat Your Dad To One Of These Adventures

Is the dad in your life always up for the next adventure? If so, forgo the tie gift this year, and give him one of these amazing experiences he'll remember for a lifetime instead!

Family Trail ride

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Trail ride

Let your dad see the world through the eyes of a cowboy with a trail ride! Whether he's a novice or an advanced rider, there is sure to be a horseback adventure that will please his cowboy spirit. There are great rides to be had across Canada, including scenic backcountry tours and sunny prairie cattle drives, so saddle up, and give your dad a day on horseback.

Paragliding or hang-gliding

Paragliding or hang-gliding

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Your dad can realize his dream of flight with a tandem paragliding or hang-gliding adventure. While there are differences in the equipment, both types of gliding allow the participant to float freely in the air with an amazing bird's-eye view of the world. If your dad is interested in more than a tandem flight, sign him up for an introductory course, and soon he could be piloting his own way through the skies.

Flying lessons

Flying lessons

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Speaking of a bird's-eye view of the world, perhaps your dad would like to take to the skies with an introductory or discovery flight. An aspiring pilot can realize his dream with hands-on flying experience as he takes control of the plane under the guidance of a qualified flight instructor. This introductory flight will count toward the time required to earn a pilot licence, so if aviation is your dad's passion, this Father's Day gift is sure to be a hit.

Racing school

Racing school

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Maybe your dad has the need for speed! Satisfy his craving with the high-speed action of racing school. The opportunity to drive a real race car will let him experience the race like the pros do — from behind the wheel! Another option with the same thrill factor is race kart driving. A day of instruction and racing is sure to satisfy the need of any adrenaline junkie.

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting

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Let your dad take his spirit of adventure to the water with a whitewater rafting trip. This extreme sport has all the thrills and potential spills to make it an exciting adventure! Whitecap waves, jutting rocks, various drops and other hazards are all par for the course. With six different grades of difficulty (from mild to life-threatening), there is sure to be a level he would love to experience.

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