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Did you hear a name that was exotic or unique and thought it would be a perfect baby name or just wanted to know the meaning? Well, we searched from Egypt to Argentina to bring you the top exotic baby names -- so that your baby boy or girl can have a name just as unique as they are!

baby playing with letter cardsIceland

Blue lagoons and snow glaciers make Iceland an exotic and one of a kind location -- just like many Icelandic names. Baby names are often influenced by languages as well as the Lutheran religion. The languages in Iceland include English, German, Icelandic and Nordic languages.

Icelandic boy names:

Ari – meaning Eagle

Hinrik – Icelandic form of Henry

Thor – meaning thunder

Icelandic girl names:

Lilja – meaning Lily

Svana – derived from German word swan

Valdis – derived from two Nors words "the dead" and "goddess"


Some characteristics of this East African are the high elevations and its proximity to the equator. The country's main religions includes Catholicism, Muslim and faiths indigenous to the region. Some Kenyans believe a baby's name will have a strong influence on the child's personality. Many parents are even naming their children after prominent figures in the news, including prime ministers, former United Nations leaders, like Kofi Annan, and United States President Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan.

Kenyan boys names:

Lusala – meaning whip

Kanja – produced from water


Pili – meaning second child

Kenyan girls names:


Chanya – meaning Kenya



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