Bundle Up And Enjoy The Snowy Outdoors!

Fun ways to have fun with your kids in the snow! Just because the grass is covered with snow, it doesn't mean you can't still have fun outside with your kids! Below are some ways you can enjoy the snowy days ahead with your children. Be sure to bundle up well!

Build a snow fort

If the snow isn't too soft, it's great for building snow houses or snow forts together. You can build one, snow brick by snow brick, but leave the roof out for safety. Once it's complete, you could even enjoy a cup of hot chocolate inside the fort!

Go sledding

If there are any small hills nearby, take your kids sledding! Be sure to pick a location that's safe and test it out to make sure there's no rocks or branches hidden in the snow.

If the temperature is quite low, don't spend too much time outside. The idea of these outdoor activities is to get kids out for fresh air and not to keep them cooped up too long during the long winter months. Once your snow activities come to an end, be sure to treat your kids to some hot soup or hot chocolate!

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